Sleeping Beauty Pillowcase - Sateen Tencel™ Milk

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty; a pillowcase made of sustainable grown eucalyptus pulp. Tencel™ has many benefits for skin and hair.

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The power of Tencel™. This fabric has many benefits, not only is the material 100% natural and plant-based, super comfortable and temperature regulating. But it is also proven to be a perfect extension to your skin-and-hair care routine. The fibre is made from eucalyptus pulp, making a silky & smooth fabric. The pillowcase has an envelop closure. The pillowcase is made Oxford-style; with an extra border of fabric around the edge. Details: 100% Sateen Tencel (eucalyptus pulp), 300TC. Fibre made in Austria, woven and finished in Portugal.

  • Organic 100% natural & plant-based
  • Glow Good for skin & hair
  • Water icon 20x less water needed

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