Tencel - Sunset Pink/Oat Milk - Reversible Filled Quilt


Extend your moment of selfcare and turn your evening routine into a night of beauty sleep. This padded quilt is the ultimate bedroom essential!

Sunset Pink

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The best for your sleep

The power of Tencel. This fabric has many benefits, not only is the material 100% natural and plant-based, super comfortable and temperature regulating. But it is also proven to be a perfect extension to your skin-and-hair care routine. The fibre is made from eucalyptus pulp, making a silky & smooth fabric. Size: 240 x 220 cm (Lit Jumeux) Details: 100% Sateen Tencel (eucalyptus pulp), 300TC. Colour: Sunset Pink/Oat Milk. Made in Portugal. Please note: we do not ship this item to countries outside of the EU listed countries.

  • Organic 100% natural & plant-based
  • Glow Good for skin & hair
  • Water icon 20x less water needed

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