Motherhood: Carolijn Braeken


Can you tell us a little bit about your family and background?

You have two kids and your youngest is newborn, is there a big difference between 1 and 2 kids?

Becoming a mother was ofcourse life changing, but it was so much more than that. I got to experience feelings and emotions I have never felt before, strengthened by heavy hormones and insecurities.

Can you tell us a little bit about your children and their personalities?

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Can you tell us more about your book Motherhood - a memoir of our first year and the reason why you wrote it?

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There's a painting of my sister and me when we were very little hanging in my parents' study, we are both pictured with the things we loved doing the most. I'm holding a pencil and a little notebook, so I guess that says it all.

Are you planning on writing more books?

Has it always been a dream of yours to become a writer?

You have a tattoo which says ‘’be’’ what does it mean?

Has being a mother changed you? And if yes; can you tell us how?

Seeing those little, vulnerable, dependent humans growing into their own persons -- it's the biggest gift to witness it all.

Best thing (s) about being a mother?

Least fun things about being a mother?

When are you most proud of your hub?

How do you balance parenthood and quality time with your love?

What is the most important lesson you want to teach your children?

Do you have any advice/tips you would like to give a newborn mother?

What was your life like before being a mother?

What defines you as a person?

You live in a very small village. How would you describe your hometown?

Do you have plans to move back to the city in the future?

Can you name four things that makes you truly happy?


Anything else you’d like to share with us?