Staying in with Milou Neelen

Let’s stay in together. Find out how Milou Neelen makes the best out of staying-in during these times.

First of all, how are you?

Can you tell us a little bit about what happened in Bali?

With who are you spending your days at home?

What's your routine during these days? (If you have one)

What annoys you the most of staying in?

What do you enjoy of staying in?

Favourite drink at the moment?

Still dress up and do your make up or PJ's forever?

Best stay-at-home-tips?

'Don't forget to laugh and eat lots of tangerines'.

What do you miss from your life in Bali?

Favourite tune at the moment?

Series/movies tips?

Book tips?

Favourite IG account for a good laugh?

Favourite IG account for inspiration?

Any positive news or message you want to share?

Thank you and stay safe ❤