Staying in with Nicole Huisman

Nicole 3
Let’s stay in together. Find out how Nicole Huisman makes the best out of staying-in during these times.

First of all, how are you?

With who are you spending your days at home?

What's your routine during these days? (If you have one)

Nicole 2

What annoys you the most of staying in?

What do you enjoy of staying in?

Still dress up and do your make up or PJ's forever?

Best stay-at-home-tips?

'Very cliché but true, I am really thankful for my health, my house, my boyfriend, my friends & my family. We're in this together! ❤️'.

What do you miss from normal life?

Who do you miss?

Favourite tune at the moment?

Series/movies tips?

Book tips?

Favourite IG account for a good laugh?

Favourite IG account for inspiration?

Any positive news or message you want to share?

Thank you and stay safe ❤