Jeanine Tebbe from Overload Jewelry

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We've got the chance to meet Jeanine in her home; a beautiful decorated apartment in Amsterdam. Next to running her own company; Overload studios, Jeanine has a big passion for interior decoration. Three years ago she quitted her job to fully commit herself to Overload studios, and with success. With multiple collections and a new collection on the way Jeanine has realised her dream.

How do you start your day, do you have a daily routine?

How would you describe your interior style?

What is your favourite interior piece and why?

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Crisp Sheets Jeanine Extra Analoog 12

What started your current career? Was there a turning point?

How does your design proces look?

You design your jewelry yourself; do you have a favourite piece?

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To see my ideas come to life; the whole process of designing, developing and then when the result is exactly what I had in mind..That's the best feeling.

Any new plans for your brand you can reveal to us?

Ultimate interior dream?

Top ten annoying things