Spending the morning with Ginny Ramkisoen

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We spoke Ginny on an early morning in the centre of Amsterdam. This businesswoman knows her way to success and doesn't mind some color in her interior. Read al about what drives this beauty and what makes her happy in life.

How does your perfect morning look like? 

Where would you ever wish to wake-up? 

How would you describe your interior style? 

Crisp Sheets Journal Rubia Ginny
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What is your favorite interior piece and why? 

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What started your current career? Was there a turning point? 

My friends would describe me as a fun. silly, creative and kind person who’s always up for a good time!

 What gives you the most energy while working? 

You’re now writing a book, how do you experience writing?

Your book is about finding your dream job/succes, is there a key to succes in life? 

If you would have any other career, what would that be? 

If New York calls, I’m outta here in a heartbeat!

What makes you the happiest in life?  

10 things you love