French Ladies


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  • Description

    The French Ladies Collection is a collaboration with the talented artist Cate Adriana. Cate creates artworks with a female touch. The French Ladies Collection shows the female body with soft lines in an elegant way. Together with the comfy materials from Crisp Sheets this creates the perfect combination to resemble with the French 'La joie de vivre' The French Ladies duvet cover set is made of 100% cotton woven with our signature technique. Which ensures the fabric stays crisp; as if you’ve just made your bed. Material: 154 TC seersucker cotton Made in Turkey

  • Sizing

    Single: 140×220 cm, including 1 pillowcase of 60 x 70 cm
    Double: 200×200/220 cm, including 2 pillow cases of 60 x 70 cm
    Lit Jumeux: 240×220 cm, including 2 pillow cases of 60 x 70 cm

  • Washing

    Wash at a max of 60 degrees. Don't bleach. Don't leave sheets for more than 5 hours wet in the wash-machine Can't be put in the dryer.

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